Dr Andrè Kruger

Medical Doctor

B.Sc., M.B., Ch.B | Practice Number 147811

Dr Andrè moved to the Hoogland estate in 1970. After being instrumental in the establishment of the Hydro in 1976 he studied Medicine to better serve the guests. Having the duel exposure to scientific medicine and Nature cure helped him develop a unique protocol at the core of the Hoogland regimen.

Monica Kruger

Clinical Psychologist

B.A. (Hons.) M.Sc Practice Number: 8626200

Monica has been involved in Hoogland Hydro for more than 35 years in various capacities and is the heart of our family.

Holistic Psychotherapy:  An investment.

Monica’s belief is that we all have within ourselves the strengths and ability to alter thoughts, habits, and behaviours that are limiting our potential. Yet, sometimes we need to reach out for support and new ideas to more effectively handle these issues. This is where Brief Holistic Psychotherapy can be utilized here at Hoogland Hydro.

Heinz Meier

Dr Heinz Meier


PhD Human Movement Science

HPCSA Reg No BK 0000884, Practice number: 0043753

Dr Heinz Meier has been involved in Hoogland since 2000 as a Biokineticist and Wellness Consultant. His love for nature, innovation and the extraordinary has lead to the development of the labyrinths and other spiritual spaces at Hoogland. He has extensive knowledge on all aspects of holistic wellness with a special interest in nutrition and the development of a healthy sustainable lifestyle. His practice is focused on scientific principles and the acceptance that every human body is unique. He prescribes health guidelines to suit your personal circumstances and preferences.

Dr Pieter Verster

Medical Doctor

Doctor Pieter studied medicine at the University of Pretoria. He gained experience in various medical fields, such as radiology, anatomical & chemical pathology, travelling doctor, international SOS, men's health and alternative medical treatment modalities.

Abraham KrugerAbraham was born on Hoogland, into a family passionate about holistic health, with both parents exceptionally good cooks. His love for cooking has taught him to prepare food with abandon, and he has researched and experienced food in many ways in interesting settings.

His interest has always been focused on the many wonderful benefits of food, from social to nutritional, and over time he has chosen mentors to improve skills gained through his independent research. Dr Heinz Meyer has assisted Abraham to improve the supportive software used to consult on nutrition in an every-changing world on a uniquely individual basis.

His enthusiastic passion, care and knowledge is evident in all talks and demonstrations on culinary delights and benefits.

Dr Graeme Blake

BSc Wits, Chiropractor and Homoeopath

Graeme qualified as a an analytical chemist in 1993 (Wits tech) and worked as a Forensic analyst in the government's Forensic Chemical Health laboratories. He worked out the cause of death in drug and poisoning cases and did blood alcohol analysis.

Counselling Psychologist

Eleen Polson, is a registered counselling psychologist specialising in short term therapy making use of powerful new body-mind psychotherapy techniques like TRE (trauma and tension release exercises), breath work and Non-violent communication (NVC).