Dr Heinz Meier

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Dr Heinz Meier - Biokineticist at Hoogland Health Hydro

Dr Heinz Meier

PhD Human Movement Science

HPCSA Reg No BK 0000884, Practice number: 0043753

Dr Heinz Meier has been involved in Hoogland since 2000 as a Biokineticist and Wellness Consultant. His love for nature, innovation and the extraordinary has lead to the development of the labyrinths and other spiritual spaces at Hoogland. He has extensive knowledge on all aspects of holistic wellness with a special interest in nutrition and the development of a healthy sustainable lifestyle. His practice is focused on scientific principles and the acceptance that every human body is unique. He prescribes health guidelines to suit your personal circumstances and preferences.

Please book consultations with the nurse on duty.

Treatments Available from Dr Heinz

Contracted out from Medical Aid schemes

  • Biokinetic consultation
  • Miofascial spasm relief
  • Dietary consultation
  • Exercise programme
  • Floatation bed
  • Manual lymph drainage

* Calculation of basic metabolic rate
* Please confirm these special fees with the nurse before you book your appointment.

Floatation Bed

The proprioceptive manipulation creates a unique sensory experience which causes a temporary loss of your sense of time and space. The session will benefit people with stress and insomnia and induces deep relaxation, sleep and new body awareness.

Feedback from Clients

“I am aware of my whole body”

“I feel like a giant, so tall after the session”

“It’s like surfing your inner body”

“It was a waste of time. I fell asleep and slept through the whole session”

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