Hoogland Mineral Water

Hoogland Mineral Water2023-11-07T09:43:19+02:00

Bottled at source on the Hoogland nature reserve, our superior mineral water is rainwater naturally filtered through many layers of dolomite, cleansed of impurities and naturally infused with Calcium and Magnesium. It is the perfect hydrator, great tasting in sparkling and still.

Mineral Analysismg/l
Calcium (Ca)86
Magnesium (Mg)47
Sodium (Na)2
Potassium (K)<1
Chloride (Cl)6
Sulphate (SO4)<20
Alkalinity (CaCO3)368
Nitrate (N)<0.2
Flouride (F)<0.05
Iron (Fe)<0.1
Aluminium (Al)<0.2
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