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Invest in your Health and Wellbeing at Hoogland Health Hydro

No matter the challenge, having good physical and mental health is key to our ability to deal with it productively and successfully. We will not always prevail, but looking after ourselves forms the foundation of all future success, both in our lives and in our roles in our families and communities.

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The Greatest Wealth is Health

As Lifestyle Health experts, Hoogland’s team has guided guests to increased well-being and vitality for over 40 years.

Whether you need to tackle any lifestyle disease, experience medically supervised fasting or enjoy a period of deep relaxation and rejuvenation; we are at your service.

With the benefit of a comprehensive, holistic health and medical team, various hydro therapies, an adjustable diet programme, exercise, health workshops, and a range of massage and beauty therapies, you will be mentally, emotionally & physically recharged.

Our Health & Retreat Packages & Programmes

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The Lifestyle Health Core package includes everything you need to enjoy a beneficial stay at Hoogland, with the focus on preventing and treating lifestyle diseases.

To personalise your experience at Hoogland, a variety of consultations, tests and treatments and therapies may be added for maximum benefit. The reservations office can assist you in pre-booking or quoting on various additional options in advance, or the health consultant who is available daily during your visit can assist while you are at Hoogland, based on your unique personal requirements.

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The more comprehensive Kick-Start package combines the Lifestyle Health Core package with a Test, Assess and Advice bundle, as well as a selection of consultations and treatments.

This package is can be adapted to focus on general stress management, introductory weight management, pre-and post-operative care, cancer support as well as treatment of stress-associated inflammation, sub-acute depression and autoimmune disorders.

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The health benefits of water-fasting is getting increased international medical attention.

It is effectively used in the treatment of a variety of illnesses including autoimmune diseases, lifestyle diseases, it is used as highly beneficial support during cancer treatment and for rapid weight loss needed for urgent health reasons. Dr Andre Kruger, the world renowned Fast Doctor, heads up our medical fasting team supported by our hydro therapies, on site laboratory and wonderful natural environment.

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Successful long-term weight management needs a comprehensive approach, addressing energy input and output, but also emotional and motivational issues.

Our packages are not only founded in scientific medical research, they are also monitored by medical personal in a caring, homely and pampering environment. Each individual is treated uniquely, and through a variety of tests, including our specially imported metabolic rate machine, we tailor make solutions in partnership with guests.

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