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I travel to spa’s all over the world during my extensive business and leisure travelling trips, seeking the elusive element that may soothe my restless soul.

Every time I visit Hoogland I am reminded what a spa should provide; that tranquil, stress free, calm and unimposing environment that allows you to either partake or just chill alone or interact when you feel you want to. At Hoogland I am allowing myself the luxury to be steered by what I ‘feel’ I ‘want’ to do; no one forces me to do anything and I feel welcomed and warm when I arrive until I leave. The friendly and professional staff, who you get to know by first names, mixed together with the serene beauty of Africa is what attracts me most. Where else can I wake to experience the blouwildebeest at my window feeding on the grass whilst a gentle mist rises over the mountains? The healing food and sweet bottled fountain water allows my preservative weakened senses to become alive again. It truly makes me feel like I am visiting a farm in Africa where family welcomes and pampers me. After a visit to Hoogland I am ready for many adventures having had my soul recharged. You cannot leave without realising what was given to humans to enjoy on earth; how life should be. I always return to Hoogland.

Liesl Spies

I found Hoogland a very quiet place where you can resource yourself in the vicinity and its beautiful gardens , or discover the surrounding nature and caves through very interesting guided walks

Pierre Raffray, Mauritius


Wow what a place ..

Kickstart to my New life

Hoogland the surroundings the staff the food ….. Actually everything ……

The serene setting and ample activities , doctors supervision and homely feel started my growth to a new healthy person .

I have a long story to tell but that can be another time right now I just want the world to know that no matter what your ailment or problem is the staff ate more than qualified for a life changing experience or simply a pamper session or two !!!!

My transformation

195 kg down to 102kg and still going strong


Ed Young

Would you like to know more about the facilities?

My daughter and I are smitten! I have been to Hoogland before – far too long ago and had forgotten the warmth, relaxation and beauty that surrounds you the moment you arrive. Sometimes people tend to believe that this is a place for women only – you are wrong! It is a place for EVERYONE. Five days at the Hydro leaves you feeling as though you have been on a two week vacation. You chose what you want to do, when you want to do it, what you want to eat and when you want to eat it. The facilities are great, the surroundings exquisite and the break amazing – try it you won’t be disappointed.

Marion and Donna, Gaborone, Botswana

I so enjoyed my weekend at Hoogland Hydro, and am so pleased to have ‘ discovered this accessible and affordable’ gem. The relaxed atmosphere, nature walks in beautiful surroundings, helpful and cheerful staff and Kruger family’s ‘hands on style’, Abraham’s delicious food (especially soups, fresh fruit juices , bread and salads), lack of any pretentiousness, and free access to hydrotherapy pools are some of the highlights. I took part in everything on the daily programme, was pretty busy, but came away feeling totally relaxed and able to face a busy world again. I am already planning a return visit soon!

Your phrase- ‘We love our very special place here in the hills’ – captures things very well and its that very personal family involvement that makes the difference.

One las thing. We all enjoyed the biodanza class, fun, quite deceptive re amount of exercise done without feeling the strain

Prof Lucille Blumberg, Deputy Director, Division of Public Health Surveillance and Response

I am now nearly 50 and have been coming to the Hoogland Health Hydro since I was 12 years old. I had very bad eczema as a child. My mother had learnt, from her visits to the Health Farm, how to help me heal myself by only feeding me raw fruit and vegetables. No salt or sugar was allowed and lots of water was what I got to drink. After two weeks of eating like this my skin healed and all the sores just fell off. I learnt very quickly that ‘you are what you eat’ and that the fasting and detox programme that Hoogland offered were just what I needed, once every year, to heal my body in a controlled and restful environment.

Years later I eventually brought my husband to Hoogland, when he was diagnosed with cancer. Armed with all the knowledge, accumulated from all the vital lectures offered at Hoogland, I changed my husbands and my children’ diet at home as well. My kids were probably the only kids that went to school with a salad. My husband is totally clear of cancer today (17 years later).

Last year I took my daughter to visit Hoogland and she loved her experience so much, that she cried in the car all the way home because she didn’t want to leave. The Kruger Family have always given that extra special care and attention to their guests, every time I have been there. Dr Andrer Kruger is my inspiration and I never tire of listening to his lectures.

The beautiful setting, facilities, massages and activities offered such as Yoga, Aquasize and long walks through the veldt; and of course the important lectures that you need to give you the knowledge to help yourself when you go back home to continue a healthy life style, is what has made Hoogland so special to me. It is the ONLY holiday for me where I come home rested, my skin is clear and glowing, my hair shines, my eyes are clear and my energy level is high.

I consider Hoogland my second home!!

Annette Joubert


I have been visiting Hoogland once or twice a year over the past 18 years, either with my daughter or with a friend. It is a wonderful, peaceful and tranquil place where you indulge yourself in pampering massages and facials as well as cleansing your body with steam, jet pools, Jacuzzi and water. One can partake in excellent hikes where eland, wildebeest, red hartebeest and zebra can be observed. There are daily refreshing aqua aerobics and necessary stretch or yoga classes. The food is healthy but filling and interesting, not just a lettuce leaf by any means! The talks are informative and the new cooking demonstration with dynamic Abram a win. Treat yourself or Treat someone you love!

Karin Burelli


Sufferers Of:

Backache, Pinched Nerve/ Muscle, Hip Dislocation,

Weak Chest, Asthma and Stress.

I have just turned 72 in May and I stay on my own. I have been suffering from all of the above-mentioned and hip and knee pain on the left leg for over five years.

I’ve been to chiropractors, physiotherapists, etc and I could not get any relief.

In December 2012 things were getting worse, the pain became unbearable, and I could not walk or get out of bed.

One of my daughters visited me and I asked her to assist me and try to get me to a chiropractor. She arranged with one, and after two treatments I could walk little, but a short distance.

I decided to go for a short rest at a spa. I contacted a few Health Spas in Britz and the North West regions- none of them got back to me.

I finally thought of the Hoogland Health Hydro on a board on the R511.

I then checked on Google and found the website offering a New Year’s 5 day special.

I immediately emailed them to enquire for reservations and accommodation, and within 24 hours received a response.

After careful consideration, I was supported to try Hoogland Health Hydro out.

Within a few days I booked.

On confirmation of the booking I was offered a shuttle service without any additional charges.. Hoogland Health Hydro is 11 kilometers away from my house.



Arriving at the centre, the shuttle parking area was plus minus thirty meters away from the entrance. I was able to walk slowly to the reception, and was welcomed by the reception staff. Everything was ready for me and I was led to my room within short reach from reception.

Thereafter I was taken around the centre and shown all the facilities available to use without any extra charges.

Dry Sauna, Wet Sauna, Bubble Bath, Jacuzzi, Turkish Bath, Sit Bath, Steam Bath, Fully Equipped Gym, Heated Pool and many more facilities.

By the evening a physiotherapist called me in and examined me and told me of his findings, and made an appointment for me the next morning for the treatment.


The next morning I had to see the sister first for a blood pressure check and weight.

I went for breakfast, my first appointment for physiotherapy treatment was seeing the therapist- Mr. Jurgens.

Thereafter I had to see the doctor, Dr. Andre Kruger for a general medical examination; my medical report file assisted the therapist and doctor to make an easy assessment and where to concentrate.

I could only make use of the heated pool and steam bath, due to my difficulty in walking and pain.


A normal morning routine to see the sister, breakfast and rest to go for a steam bath and spent an hour or more in the heated pool.

By the evening I could feel some differences in my hip, leg and back and managed to walk much easier and longer distances with less pain and could move my leg much easier too. I even tried the tread mill for the first time managing 5 minutes.


A normal morning routine, breakfast and rest and went on treadmill ,then went for a steam bath and spent some time in the heated pool until lunch.

By the evening the movement of my left leg from the hip was much more flexible.

My walking was much painless, but I had to take it very easy and slow.


A normal morning routine, I had an appointment for second physiotherapy treatment.

This was my last day, I spent few minutes on the treadmill, I had a steam bath and spent most of the time in the heated pool.

At lunchtime I got ready to get back home. I had a bit of difficulty in getting to the car because of the distance.

Three weeks thereafter I started doing most of my handy work my self.


During my stay I had the opportunity to talk to the Kingpin of the Centre Dr. Andre Kruger. We spoke on various issues, subjects and topics.

On summing up:

Dr. Andre Kruger, a man I would not term him as a clever man*, but a very highly learned, in a broad spectrum- a man with great respect and integrity, wisdom and spiritually inclined, no self-esteem, busy like a clock 24 hours on the go, like the second hand of a clock all the time- on the move never stops or move backwards, and the well trained, respected and loyal staff are more of a family interest and concern.

That is why this Centre is very well equipped and catered and taken care of.

This is an ideal place for one’s peace of mind, soul, and spirit healing.

I want to thank everyone for their friendliness and assistance during my stay, may God bless you All. Amen.

By The Fool On The Simple Path.

Mahomed Hassen

Hoogland Experience


It was my 55 birthday. Another trip around the sun. For this we should always be grateful, and this year gave me so much more to be grateful for.

My son and husband decided to give me the gift of a weekend at Hoogland. Not too sure if this was for me or really for them, as a week end without Mom means relax, no chores. I am not sure if they knew just what a gift is was. In addition to this gift, one of my angel families and I truly believe they are angels, upgraded me to a pamper package. I need to pause here as I slip back into the memory of this weekend. One which I will take with me forever.

I arrived at Hoogland with my friend who was part of the pamper package donors. This began a weekend of a life time.

We arrived to a blue sky, warm winter sun peeking through the trees and a gentle wind making the leaves on the many trees rustle a song of joy at our arrival. Not too sure if Dr Andre could ensure this happens for everyone, but I will assure you, you will receive some magic there.

We were met at our car, baggage taken to reception, checking in was smooth and soon we were in our rooms which overlook the spectacular mountains of the Schevberg. Well that was enough for me. I thought to myself that if I could sit and look at that beautiful scenery for the rest of the weekend that would suit me just fine. Organic tea, just an arm’s length from the lazy boy which was my resting place while I soaked up the view.

This peace lasted just a short while as I knew there was so much more to see and experience.

Upstairs Heaven awaited us. All pampering is done on the top floor. Did I mention sitting in comfy chairs with the sun streaming through the large windows warming your neck and back while you wait a few minutes for your therapist to meet you and take you into your very own private treatment room. Every care is taken to make you feel like the only person on the planet. Your every wish is granted, which oils you would like used for your massages, which pressure of massage you would like used, checking always if you are warm and comfortable enough. You are treated like a queen and feel like one no less. After the treatment you leave glowing and gliding rather than walking – this feeling last throughout the day and you glide along with this constant smile because you feel so beautiful and pampered.

Reception is constantly manned with very pleasant cheerful people, ready to assist at all times.

The dining room, just a promised in the brochure – fresh healthy food, fruit bar 24/7. What the brochure does not mention is the breath taking view as you dine. The warm fires right there in the dining room to warm you. You dine in the comfort of your track suite or gown and slippers. Everyone is quiet, calm respectful of each other. This calm followed me all the way back to Midrand.

We left Hoogland, with heavy hearts; it is a place like no other that I have found that brings to one, the quiet and stillness that we all search for.

The place is a place of magic, my friend and I would return in the blink of an eye.

Linda Burrows

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