Facilities & Treatments


Hoogland is much more than a Spa; it is a Holistic Health and Wellness Destination

Lab Work at Hoogland

Health and Medical Test and Treatments

Our health and medical personnel have many years of health and wellness experience. Their approach remains integrative and holistic, which makes Hoogland a leading Destination Spa

Therapeutic Massages & Beauty Treatments

Caring, professional therapists ensure that the wide variety of treatments and beauty therapies on offer meet the high standards you should expect from any leading Destination Spa.

Hydro Therapy Cycle

Over many years and independently through many cultures, a hydro treatment cycle has naturally developed to improve general health and has many great benefits.

Room 36 from Outside


The bedrooms form a only small part of the Hoogland package and because of our sprawling grounds and buildings you do not have to escape to your room for privacy or solitude.

Nature & Wildlife

When Mr Abraham Kruger bought the farm in 1967 it was a cattle farm. Over the years large game has been introduced back into the area.

Hoogland Mineral Water

Mineral Water

Bottled at source on the Hoogland nature reserve, our superior mineral water is rainwater naturally filtered through many layers of dolomite.

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