Dr Graeme Blake

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Dr Graeme Blake - Chiropractor and Homoeopath at Hoogland Health Hydro

Dr Graeme Blake

BSc Wits, Chiropractor and Homoeopath

Graeme qualified as a an analytical chemist in 1993 (Wits tech) and worked as a Forensic analyst in the government’s Forensic Chemical Health laboratories. He worked out the cause of death in drug and poisoning cases and did blood alcohol analysis.

In 2002 Graeme qualified as a homoeopath (Wits tech) and attended the 3 year part time course of SAMA (South African Medical Homoeopaths) presented by Dr DJ Lilley. Subsequently he did short courses in iridology and accupuncture and qualified as a chiropractor in 2014 (UJ).

Graeme treats conditions from the common cold to depression, as well as back pain and other musculoskeletal conditions.

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