Dr Andrè Kruger

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Dr Andre Kruger - Medical Doctor at Hoogland Health Hydro

Dr Andrè Kruger

Medical Doctor
B.Sc., M.B., Ch.B | Practice Number 147811

Dr Andrè moved to the Hoogland estate in 1970. After being instrumental in the establishment of the Hydro in 1976 he studied Medicine to better serve the guests. Having the duel exposure to scientific medicine and Nature cure helped him develop a unique protocol at the core of the Hoogland regimen.

Over the years he has assisted many patients to adjust their lifestyle habits and gain insight into their body’s innate wisdom and miraculous healing ability. One powerful modality employed in this regard is fasting, which has changed thousands of patients’ lives for the better. Donating time to the forums on the Fasting-Connection website he has guided many people in other countries to also use this modality safely and efficiently.

With many years of experience in laboratory pathology and Emergency Medicine, André’s passion for natural health and preventative medicine remains based solidly in proven science. Each individual remains exactly that: An individual, unique in every sense, entitled to have the proven general guidelines adopted to the unique personal preferences and response.

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