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Lifestyle Health Core

This package includes everything you need to enjoy a beneficial stay at Hoogland, focusing on preventing and treating lifestyle diseases.

Lifestyle Kick-Start

Includes a Test, Assess and Advise bundle and a selection of treatments to maximise the beneficial impact of a visit to Hoogland.

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Water Fasting

Under the leadership of Dr Andre, The Fast Doctor, our team of medical, health and wellbeing professionals supervise safe, beneficial, healing fasting.

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Weight Management

For over 40 years Hoogland has been guiding our clients to a healthier life with a whole-person approach to wellbeing. We have multiple packages available.

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Pre-diabetes is often undiagnosed, which is a pity as at this stage progression to type II diabetes is still almost entirely preventable through lifestyle medicine.

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Type 2 Diabetes

Type II Diabetes is not inevitably progressive and life long. The correct natural lifestyle medical intervention can greatly improve quality of life and even send it into remission.

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