Couscous with Roast Vegetables

1 cup Couscous/Bulgar Wheat/Quinua
1 medium Red Pepper
1 medium Green Pepper
1 medium Yellow Pepper
2 medium Carrots
½ small Butternut
2 medium Baby marrows
Pesto *
1 medium onion

Cook the couscous/bulgar wheat/quinua and set aside
Quater the onion lengthways and separate the layers
Cut the rest of the vegetables so that the pieces are more or less the same size as the onion
Toss the vegetables in olive oil, 1 tbsp vegetable stock and ½ tsp Ina Paarman braai salt.
Place under the grill for 25 minutes or until the vegetables are cooked and have begun to brown slightly. (Vegetables can also be roasted on a braai or seared in a grill pan)
Mix the vegetables with the couscous and add the basil pesto, mix until the pesto is dispersed evenly throughout the salad.
Serve hot or cold

* Pesto:

50g Pine or Cashew Nuts
50ml Olive Oil
1 Large handful of Basil (Rocket can also be added for a more peppery flavour)
1 Small Clove of Garlic
Salt to taste
Rich Parmesane cheese finely grated (exchange the cheese for anouther 25g of nuts for a vegan option)

Place the Nuts, Olive Oil, Basil/Rocket and Garlic in the blender and blend thoroughly.
Add the same amount per volume of grated Parmesane cheese and blend thuroughly.

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