Brown Rice and Lentil Salad

375ml/250g Brown & Wild rice
375ml/263g Lentils
180ml/85g Raisins
125ml/60g Sunflower seeds
300ml/120g Carrots, grated
250ml/100g Celery Chopped
200ml/80g Spring onions, Chopped
125ml/40g Parsley
375ml/250g Tomato, chopped


50ml Olive oil
15ml Curry Powder
10ml Soy sauce
30ml Honey
15ml Lemon Juice
1tsp Vegetable stock
Salt + Pepper to taste

Cook rice and lentils separately until soft
drain and place into a salad bowl
Add raisins and sunflower seeds to warm mixture
Mix the dressing ingredients and add
allow mixture to cool down
Add carrots, spring onion, celery and parsley and mix well
Chill properly before serving
Serve 150g porions for 200 Kcal

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