Fasting, Re-feeding Programme and Nutrition

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Therapeutic Water Fasting

A minimum period of 3 days of water fasting is recommended but longer periods, up to 40 days of uninterrupted supervised fasting, have an astounding number of health benefits. For more on the benefits of fasting, watch this informative clip: Introduction to Fasting. A high-fat meal is recommended as the last meal before a fast commences.

Breaking the Fast

The way a fast is broken is an essential component of holistic lasting success. The nutritionist of wellbeing co-ordinator guide guests on a re-feeding programme. The length of this process depends on the total length of the fast and other considerations.A fast is typically broken with a day of papaya. Papaya fruit is a rich source of valuable proteolytic enzymes, such as papain, chymopapain, caricain and glycyl endopeptidase, that can greatly aid in the digestive process. Herbal teas can be added to the diet early on. This is followed by additional fruit, raw salad veggies and finally a balanced diet.


Our in-house Nutritionists have many years experience in providing guests with tailor-made, healthy eating plans and advice. Consultations with the Nutritionists assist guests in understanding each individual’s unique nutritional needs. They assist in guiding guests towards better eating plans using their personal likes, dislikes and circumstances as the foundation to ensure long term success.

Cooking Demonstrations

Hoogland’s practical food demonstration share our wonderful, tasty, healthy and simple recipes, which you will enjoy at home, sharing with family and friends. Hoogland’s recipes are based on seasonal, fresh and readily available ingredients. Our cooking is sugar-free and low in salt but high in taste. Eating healthily at home will help to continue the benefits of a holistic supervised fast at Hoogland. Guests often request recipes on departure for day to day success and enjoyment at home.

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