Medical & Wellbeing Consultations, Tests and Treatments

Fees to 30 September 2017

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Medical Treatment Menu


Medical Testing

From the health consultant on duty

Urine dipsticks R 20

Finger-prick tests:

Blood sugar R 20

Cholesterol R 50

Uric Acid R 20

The following tests are available free of charge throughout the day:

Blood pressure

Pulse Rate


Oxygen Saturation

From the on-site laboratory

Blood is drawn early in the morning before any meals, and results are given within a few hours.

Blood Sedimentation Rate R 25

Non-specific measure of inflammation


Full Blood Count R 90

Number of red and white blood cells


Electrolytes R 195

The correct balance of electrolytes is essential for normal cell and organ function.


Blood Chemistry R 830

Including: Glucose (blood sugar), T-Protein, Albumin, Total Bilirubin, Direct Bilirubin, GGT, ALT, AST, CK, ALP, LDH, Amylase, Urea, Creatinine, Uric Acid, Triglyceride, Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol, Ca, Mg, P


Complete blood & Urine analysis (all of above) R 1 100


Microscopy R 30

Should the dipstick indicate infection, this test is done to look for infectious cells, bacteria and involvement of kidney.


Additional blood tests such as hormones and thyroid functions can be arranged through independent laboratories. The turn-around time is very quick.

Physical Wellbeing Assessment

Comprehensive Physical wellbeing assessment including:

Leaf1Body composition





Stress Levels

Muscle Strength


Myofascial Triggers

This series of tests can be done by a number of professionals and booked by the health consultant.

The cost is R 580.

Metabolic Analysis

Individual base metabolism is measured by measuring the amount of carbon dioxide produced. This test is also helpful to indicate possible metabolic disorders. It is done in the morning, before any food or exercise, either in the guest’s bedroom or in the doctor’s consultation room

R 650 initial R 460 follow-up

Other useful tests

24 hour BP monitoring

By measuring your blood pressure at regular intervals over 24 hours, your doctor is able to get clear pictures of how your blood pressure changes throughout the day.



ECG records the electrical activity of the heart over a period of time using electrodes placed on your body.


24 hour ECG monitoring

Monitor continuously records the electrical activity of your heart as you go about your normal daily routine. It's used to detect and assess abnormal rhythms of your heart and their relationship to any symptoms you may be experiencing.

Consultations and Treatments

Consultation with medical doctor

Clinical Examination including: R 650*

Medical history interview

Nervous system





Any other full consultation first hour/part of R 650*

Follow-up first 45 min/ part of R 500*

Every 15 thereafter R 150/15min*

Ad-hoc Consultations R 300/15min*

Medication issued or materials used will be charged extra.


Consultations with Psychologist

Consultations with a psychologist can be helpful if you are experiencing everything intensely, experienced a traumatic event and can’t stop thinking about it, if you're using a substance to cope, if you have unexplained and recurrent headaches, stomach-aches or a rundown immune system, or if friends or family have voiced concern.

55min session R 640*

85min session R 920*

110min session R 1 180*


Consultation with Biokineticist

The purpose of biokinetics is to improve your physique and quality of life through individualised assessment and working out an exercise programme to both treat acute or chronic physical problems and / or enhance physical performance.

25min R 380*

55 min R 650*


Consultation with Physiotherapist

The sooner physiotherapy begins after an injury or once chronic pain has emerged, the better the chance of full recover. Exercise therapy, manual therapy techniques, strapping, heat treatment etc are used therapeutically to review muscle imbalances and learned postural behaviours.

25min R 340*

55 min R 640*

Aqua Therapy R 640*

Treatment in the warm jet pool with the physiotherapist

Strapping or use of medicated gells will be extra


Consultation with Chiropractor

Chiropractic improves how the nervous system controls the muscles. It does this through the chiropractic adjustments which makes sure the joint movement is supple and flexible.

25min consultation & treatment R 340*

55 min consultation & treatment R 590*

Dry-needling upper body 25min R 340*

Dry-needling multiple areas 45min R 420*

Dry-needling instantly releases excessive tension in muscular knots, improves blood flow and decreases pain.


Consultation with Homoeopath

It is not the virus or bacteria producing symptoms but the immune system’s reaction to the virus etc. The responsibility of the homoeopathic medicine is to support or strengthen this response and in so doing overcome the illness.

25min Consultation R 350*

55 min Consultation R 640*

Medication issued will be charge extra, between R 85 – R 100 per preparation


Clinical Examination including: R 650*

Medical history interview,

Nervous system,






Therapeutic Massage Therapies

Massage therapies by any of our registered medical professionals will have the added benefit of their clinical knowledge and experience.

55min Myofascial Spasm Relief R 580*

25min Myofascial Spasm Relief R 300*

55min Lymph Drainage Massage R 580*

55min Stretch Massage R 580*


Cellulite and Spot-reduction

One-on-one training class and consultation on how to reduce cellulite and fat in targeted areas of the body. This class will discuss and demonstrate various proven techniques

75min R 780*

* These fees are covered by most medical aids.


Dry-Floatation Bed

The proprioceptive manipulation creates a unique sensory experience which causes a temporary loss of your sense of time and space. The session will benefit people with stress and insomnia and induces deep relaxation, sleep and new body awareness

30min R 350

Other treatments & consultations

These fees are not covered by most medical aids.


Consultation with Nutritionist

Assistance in analysing nutritional requirements and how to best meet these to fit into your unique lifestyle, likes, dislikes and other personalised factors.

Initial 55min R 580

Follow-up sessions up to 45min R 400

25 min consultation R 320


Trauma / Stress Counselling

If you have been involved in a traumatic event it is often useful to get trained help if you feel overwhelmed and unable to cope. These counsellors are specifically trained in providing support and are not necessarily registered psychologists.

55 min session R 580

85 min session R 760

115min session R 950


Consultation with a Traditional Healer

The ritualistic treatment starts with the lighting of candles, reading from the bible, asking guidance from ancestors and angels and then reading the bones. The consultation can be for specific questions or a general consultation.

55 min consultation R 580

15 min medicated steam treatment R 250

20 min medicated bath R 300

Please note steam and bath are only available if the consultation indicates it may be used.

1l traditional muthi R 200

2 portions bath muthi R 300


Awaken Life-Coaching

Awaken Life Coaching is a customised approach that keeps you focussed on what is most important to you. It is a unique process to help you realize your purpose, maximising your potential and calling forth your own significance

55min session R 580



Fantastic treatment for all types of addictions and big life decisions

55min session R 580



Hypnotherapy is a verbal skill, used during hypnosis, which helps direct your imagination in such a way as to bring about intended alterations in sensations, perceptions, feelings, thoughts and behaviour.

Sessions are from 50 min R 580


Trauma Release Exercises

TRE helps to release stress or tension which built up as a result of difficult life circumstances, immediate or prolonged stressful situations or traumatic life experiences. It consists of six simple exercises that help individuals release tension from the muscles, which in turn relaxes the anxiety of our mind by evoking a muscular shaking process in the body.

55min session R 580


Breathing Training – 1 on 1 classes

Simple breathing exercises for both immediate stress relief and deep, lasting physiological benefits.

25min Session R 290

Physical Training & Exercise Programmes

Personal Training

Guests who have been inactive for an extended period of time, or who would like to push their personal fitness, tone and flexibility further, will find this highly beneficial.

Consultation plus programme R 400

50min Training Session R 400

25min Training Session R 220

Book 9sessions and get 10th free


Swimming Training

This is a class purely for those who have never learnt to swim and would like to learn this useful skill in the safe and relaxed environment of Hoogland

25min One-on-one classes R 220


One-on-one Yoga

Yoga is a synthesis of breathing and stretch exercises. It develops good posture, balance, physical endurance and flexibility

55min classes R 550


One-on-one Guided Nature Walks

If nature walk times don’t suit you and you would like

R 100 per 30min


Labyrinth guide or 1 or 1 walking meditation

For first time labyrinth walkers who wish to receive some guidance for their personal labyrinth experience, or those who want some training in the art of walking meditation.

25min R 290


Body Casting

Cast various areas of your body as a tribute and to honour its value.

With Dr Heinz Meier from R 380