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The Lifestyle Health Core package includes everything you need to enjoy a beneficial stay at Hoogland, with the focus on preventing and treating lifestyle diseases.

To personalise your experience at Hoogland, a variety of consultations, tests and treatments and therapies may be added for maximum benefit. The reservations office can assist you in pre-booking or quoting on various additional options in advance, or the health consultant who is available daily during your visit can assist while you are at Hoogland, based on your unique personal requirements.

There is, however, no expectation from our side to add any treatments or consultations to the package as we believe there is already great value to attending the workshops included, making use of hydro therapies, exercise classes, professional support, healthy meals and picturesque natural environment.

Hoogland has over 40 years' experience with medically supervised water fasting. Under the leadership of Dr Andre, The Fast Doctor, our team of medical, health and wellbeing professionals supervise safe, beneficial, healing fasting.

Over the last decade research has increasingly pointed to the benefits of fasting to combat lifestyle diseases, reduce inflammation, increase healing, increase growth hormone and stem cell production, accelerate autophagy and apoptosis, reduce muscle wastage, increase metabolism, improve digestion, and improve brain health and neurogenesis.

This comprehensive package includes everything from the Lifestyle Health Core package as well as a Test, Assess and Advise bundle and a selection of treatments to maximize the beneficial impact of a visit to Hoogland.

Hoogland's approach is client-focussed and holistic, integrating the varied expertise of all our professionals to help guests address all aspects of wellbeing and to support guests who are in the process of recovering from severe illness or medical interventions.

Since 1977, Hoogland has been supporting people in their transition to a healthier life. Although the retreat has a basic structure, each person is treated as an individual, and courses are continually adapted to unique needs.

Stress needs to be managed effectively for its impact to remains possitive. Physical and Mental Wellbeing are essential parts of overall wellbeing and stress can make a big impact on both. 

Hoogland's holistic, integrative approach to stress managment and treatment of burn-out make us leaders in the field since 1977

For over 40 years Hoogland has been guiding our clients to a healthier life with a whole-person approach to wellbeing. We continually tweak our programs as our understanding of human physiology and psychology evolves, and our entire focus is on improving the lives of as many people as we can.

The great news is that Type II Diabetes is not inevitably progressive and life long. The correct natural lifestyle medical intervention, can send type 2 diabetes into permanent remission in most cases for people who have had the condition for 4 years or less. It can also significantly improvement in the the quality of life for anyone with type II Diabetes.

Pre-diabetes is often undiagnosed, which is a pity as at this stage progression to type II diabetes is still almost entirely preventable through lifestyle medicine. If you think you may have pre-diabetes, a relatively inexpensive test, called Fructosamine, can be done at your local lab to give a clear indication of average blood sugar levels for the preceding 2-3 weeks. This is a reliable indicator of pre-diabetes or type II diabetes and swift action can safeguard your quality of life and help improve life expectancy.