The Lifestyle Health Core package includes everything you need to enjoy a beneficial stay at Hoogland, with the focus on preventing and treating lifestyle diseases.

To personalise your experience at Hoogland, a variety of consultations, tests and treatments and therapies may be added for maximum benefit. The reservations office can assist you in pre-booking or quoting on various additional options in advance, or the health consultant who is available daily during your visit can assist while you are at Hoogland, based on your unique personal requirements.

There is, however, no expectation from our side to add any treatments or consultations to the package as we believe there is already great value to attending the workshops included, making use of hydro therapies, exercise classes, professional support, healthy meals and picturesque natural environment.

Our pamper packages include a form of massage every day. Guests are welcome to adapt these package and add additional treatments or exchange any of the massage therapies for one of the many speciality treatments we offer.

Have a look at:

Therapeutic Massage Therapies  Medical and Health Consultations

  Massage and Beauty Treatments

If there is a difference in cost it will be adjusted on the guest’s final account to be settled at the end of the stay.