Me Time

The origin of Valentine’s day, as with many “Hallmark Holidays” or “Cardies Days” is unclear, but researching the evolution of our cultural customs are always fascinating.

People have been celebrating valentine’s day with cards and gifts since at least the 1500’s in Europe and this tradition has spread to much of the world since then.

Sometimes, however, the best thing you can do for a loved one is to allow them some proper me-time. In a fast-paced world with so many social obligations, me-time is sorely lacking for many, especially us introverts.

We all need a bit of me-time…

Introverts tend to gain energy from being alone or with a few close friends.

We prefer to focus on our inner world of thoughts and feelings, rather than the outer world of people and things. Introverts lose energy from being in large groups or social situations. One of the reasons why introverts need me-time is because we have a different brain chemistry than extroverts, who are more outgoing and sociable. Introverts are very sensitive to dopamine, the molecule of reward that makes us feel happy and motivated when we do something exciting or rewarding.

Extroverts need more of this neurotransmitter to feel the same level of happiness, which is why they often seek out more stimulation and variety.

Introverts also have a higher need for acetylcholine than extroverts. This neurotransmitter drives feelings of content and calmness when we focus inwardly or engage in an activity requiring extended periods of focus. This is why introverts enjoy activities such as reading, writing, meditating, or learning something new.

Another reason why introverts need me-time is because we process information more deeply and thoroughly than extroverts. Introverts pay more attention to details, nuances, and emotions, which can be overwhelming and exhausting in a noisy or busy environment.

Introverts need time alone to reflect on their experiences, sort out their thoughts and feelings, and recharge their mental energy.

Me-time is also important for introverts because it allows us to pursue our passions and interests without the pressure or expectations of others.

Introverts are often creative, curious, and independent thinkers, who enjoy exploring complex ideas and problems. Me-time provides the space and freedom introverts need to express themselves and grow as individuals.

Extroverts are people who gain energy from social interactions and enjoy being around others but even they can do with some alone time to recharge, relax, and reflect.

Spending too much time with people can be overstimulating and exhausting for anyone, regardless of their personality type.

For most of us me-time allows us time to put things into perspective, prioritise and focus.

Me-time is not a sign of selfishness or weakness, but a sign of self-care and respect.

Book and plan some ‘me-time’ at Hoogland for yourself or a loved one.

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