Daily Schedule

06:30/07:00 Morning hike of around 90min, a shorter gentler option available on request

07:00 Hydro facilities open

08:00 Breakfast buffet starts

08:30 Guided Mindful Meditation

10:00 Pilates

11:30 Aqua Aerobics

12:00 Lunch buffet starts

14:00 Afternoon talk or demonstration

15:30 Stretch class

16:15 Breathing exercises

16:30/ 17:00 Afternoon hike of about 60min with a slower, gentler nature walk available on request

18:00 Supper buffet starts

19:15 Evening talk or demonstration

19:30 Hydro facilities close

Throughout the day guests have unlimited access to all the hydro facilities, and are encouraged to use these often. This includes sauna, steam room, steam cabinets, jet pools, Jacuzzis, sitz baths and swimming pools, all of which form an important part of the very beneficial hydro cycle.

Guests are free to choose what they want to participate in, and consultants are available to guide guests through knowledge.



Meals are served as a health buffet from 08:00 - 20:30, and there is freshly cut fruit and salad veggies available almost 24 hours a day. So there is no need to plan any activities around meals, and we encourage guests to use bio-feedback to decide when to eat and what to eat. The kitchen is also quite accommodating if you have any specific dietary requirements, or if there is anything you really feel like.

Dolomitic mineral water and herbal teas are freely available, and filter coffee or Ceylon tea can be ordered from the kitchen.

A typical day's buffet dishes:


2 types of home-made muesli, probiotic yoghurt, stewed fruit, single-egg omelettes filled with spinach, mushroom and feta, relish, boiled eggs, home-made bread, cottage cheese, fresh fruit, smoothies, oats or maltabella, fresh garden salad

Afternoon Buffet:

Brinjal bake, chunky veg soup, brown rice and lentil salad, roast butternut feta and pomagranate salad, herb salad, fish cocktail, fresh bread, cottage cheese

Evening Buffet:

Roast chicken, honey and cinnamon carrots, mushroom risotto, steamed broccoli and cauliflower, tomato soup, mixed salad, spinach and cranberry salad, balsamic roast cherry tomoto and rocket salad


Monday's are Meatless Mondays.

We can cater for a range of dietary requirements including vegetarians, vegans, raw diets, banting, various alergies and likes and dislikes, please just let us know during your reservation.

For more about our wonderful recipes, have a look at our recipes


Talks, Workshops and Demonstrations:

Our weekly workshop may change as we often have exciting guest presenters, and as many guests are returning visitors, one of our presenters might talk about a different, equally valuable subject.


14:00 "Intermittent Fasting" with Anette. A talk on the research around the benefits of fasting, intermittent fasting and how to make it work for you.

19:15 "Stress Managment" with Anette. This is a stress management workshop, not a stress suppression workshop. It is an insightful discussion on some of the benefits of stress, the value of an optimal anxiety level, stress hormones and how to mitigate the potential health impact of excessive stress. 


14:00 "Thirst" a talk on hydration with Anette. Optimal hydration is important for all biological functions. How much is enough and when is it too little or too much?

19:15 "Health Matters". Interactive talk with Dr Andre. The discussion is based on questions from guests and Dr Andre's years' of international experience is shared freely. His dry sense of humour, incredible insights and diverse knowledge makes this a not-to-be-missed talk.


14:00 "Mindful Eating", a training class with Christine. We all know diets don't work. A mindful approach to eating is the best way to regain and maintain a healthy body weight and image. This training class is a worth-wile introduction to help guests to get a higher level of satisfaction from our wonderfully diverse diet.

19:15 "Benefits of Exercise" with Hitty. If exercise was sold as medication it would be the most effective medication of all times. Learn more about the benefits and how to increase physical activity for a healthier, happier life


14:00 "Expressive Mandalas" with Christine. A creative, meditative and insightful mandala drawing class

19:15 "Nutrition" interactive talk with Abraham Kruger. A practical and positive discussion on the joys of food and how to implement delicious changes for maximum health.


14:00 "Chiropractics" talk by Dr Graeme Blake. A little about the history of chiropractics and how it has evolved.

19:15 "Sleep" a talk by Anette on fascinating sleep research, the physical and mental imperitives, understanding sleep cycles and how to improve quality and quantity of sleep.


14:00 "Aromatherapy" workshop with Christine. Learn a little about the history of aromatherapy, how the oils are extracted and blend your own scrub or bath salt

19:15 "Wellness wheel" with Christine. Christine. An introductory discussion on wellbeing in the interrelated domains of our lives and how to work toward achieving balance.


14:00 "Cooking Demonstration" with Abraham. Learn to prepare delicious, healthy food while learning more about practical nutrition.

19:15 "Willpower" talk with Anette. The greatest human gift is willpower which is closely linked to sound decision making. Learn more about how to use your willpower more productively for a healthy, happy life.

Atmosphere and being considered

Hoogland’s peace and quiet, the various hydro therapies and fasting, greatly enhance your senses. Many guests come to our natural haven to escape stresses and temptations.

Enhanced senses include
* Hearing
* Smelling and
* Visual awareness

It often takes some time for new guests to experience this re-awakening of sensory awareness, therefore a few kind requests:

DotPlease be as quiet as possible throughout the whole building, particularly in the vicinity of bedrooms, reception and therapy areas.

DotTo be able to switch your cellphone off is a great privilege, which not many have. If you are not able to do this, please keep it on silent and quietly move away from other guests when taking calls

DotFor the benefit of many fasting guest, please limit all eating and drinking (other than water and herbal teas) to the dining hall. Food and drink is available there 24/7.

 IDotf you are a smoker, please note that there is only one designated smoking area. This has been identified as the only place from where smoke does not penetrate the building.



Nature Walks and Hikes

Joining the nature walks are well worth it. Hoogland is in the heart of the largest privately owned game reserve in Gauteng, the birding is great and the natural beauty uniquely inspiring. The rocky hills make for great exercise and practices proprioception.


We have a couple of labyrinths around the building for guests to walk as a form of meditation, and there are many beautiful quiet places to find solitude throughout the day.


Arrival and Departure

Arrival from 14:00 to 18:30 (please arrange for later arrival)

Departure until 13:00Early arrival from 08:00 or late departure until 18:00 at R 600 per person