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Health and Medical Test and Treatments

Holistic Medical Care in a Spa Environement *

Our health and medical personnel have many years of health and wellness experience. Their approach remains integrative and holistic, which makes Hoogland a leading Destination Spa

Follow this link for more information on the health therapies on offer.

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Therapeutic Massage Therapies and Beauty Treatments

Hot stone spa massage *

Caring, professional therapists ensure that the wide variety of treatments and beauty therapies on offer meet the high standards you should expect from any leading Destination Spa

Massage therapies have many benefits, following this link for more about our Therapeutic Massage Therapies or our variety of Beauty Treatments

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Hydro Therapy Cycle

Hydro Cycle Spa Steam Room *

The Hydro Therapy Cycle and the use of various water therapies has a long history, dating back to ancient civilizations accross the world.

About 200 years ago in Austria, Hydro Therapy experienced a revival, and it has become more refined as medical knowledge improves and the benifits can be explained physiologically.

Follow this link for more information on the hydrotherapy cycle


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