25 vouchers go on sale from 11:00 on 27 November

On a recent scuba diving trip I found it fascinating that a recurrent topic of conversation was the declining health of loved ones.

People of many age groups, from several countries and a variety of backgrounds often spoke about how a loved one, a parent, partner, sibling, is going through a tough time health wise.

So many people spoke about how the prescription of chronic medication precipitated a downward spiral in quality of life. Pills are dished out without any lifestyle changes even being recommended and then more medication to overcome the side effects of the others. Polypharmacy and poor health follows.

Some spoke about how their loved ones worked so hard to look after their families that they neglected their own health and now cannot enjoy the fruits of their labour as much as everyone had hoped. Many spoke of poor diets, lack of exercise, bad sleep.

Their loss of lust for life is heartbreaking to those who care deeply for them.

Over the last several days I have been reminded again how important places like Hoogland is, and I truly wish there were many more throughout the country. The improvement in overall health and wellbeing we witness here is the foundation of the purpose-driven life of everyone at Hoogland.

This got me thinking about what a wonderful gift a few days at Hoogland can be for those loved ones facing declining quality of life.

Revitalize Voucher

A 4-day Revitalizing Voucher will make a great gift for someone who has it all but need to focus on their own wellbeing for a bit.

We will be releasing 25 of these vouchers at a cost of R 10 000 each, available for sale from Monday 27 November at 11:00. These vouchers can be used anytime from the 7th of January 2024 to the 15th of December 2024.

In as little as 4 days most people who spend time at Hoogland have a profound shift in potential healthspan and leave with the experience and the tools to improve their quality of life little by little every day.


Included in all packages are:

* Private en-suite accommodation

• Full use of all facilities such as saunas, steam rooms, Jacuzzis, pools and exercise facilities

• Unlimited mineral water and herbal teas

• Medically supervised water fasting and guided refeeding for guests who choose to fast

• Balanced Health Buffet (8h00 to 19h30) & 24 hour fresh fruit and salad

• Health monitoring and advice from 7h30 to 17h30 with one of the nurses or consultants and daily physical activity mentoring with a biokineticist

• Two guided nature walks daily (beautiful environment, rocky and hilly but well worth it)

• Three exercise classes daily (stretch, aqua aerobics, Pilates or dance)

• Talks, workshops and demonstrations on health and wellbeing related matters

• Guided Meditation

• Breathing Training Classes


 As well as:

  • One full body massage

    • Massage is a great way to increase oxytocin, which plays a direct role in repairing heart damage and promoting hearth health. Massage improves circulation and is also deeply relazing.


  • Small selection of blood and urine tests from our on-site laboratory
    • Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate – indication of inflammation
    • Complete blood count – can provide a snapshot into the health of platelets, red blood cells and the variety of white blood cells
    • HbA1C – gives an indication of average blood sugar level for the prior 2 to 3 month which is a good screening test for diabetes or pre-diabetes.
    • Standard Urine dipstick


  • One clinical medical examination
    • This top to toe examination and discussion is around 1 hr with a medical doctor.


  • One consultation with either a nutritionist or a life coach.
    • Discuss practical, personalized strategies for improving health long term and maintaining healthy habits in the real world.


  • Two sessions with a personal trainer
    • Assessment and advice
    • Personalized stretching routine. Chronic inflammation underlies many lifestyle diseases and stretching is an effective way of reducing inflammation.