Hoogland’s Thaba Community project provides assistance to orphaned children in the community through the supply of school clothes, shoes and stationery. There are a variety of ways that you can help us in this project:


When you order any personal laundry, 30% is paid into our Thaba community project fund. A further 30% is paid as an additional income to the staff member responsible for your laundry.

Iketla treatments

A group of our therapy ladies have done in-house training to offer you Iketla –hand, and -foot treatments. R30 of each of these treatments is donated to our community project.

Hoogland Salt

In our little shop you will find three flavours of our salt. For each one of these bottles sold we will donate R5 to the community project.

Hand knitted scarves, beanies and hand-embroidery

Some of our ladies knit or crochet scarves and beanies, and make decorative embroidery for bags. These are available at our shop. 10% of the retail price will be donated to the community project.

Handmade cards

These cards, also available in our shop, have been hand made locally by Michael Howell. R5 of each card sold will go to the community project.