Nominate a Commendable Person

We all know someone who could really do with some time at Hoogland. Someone who does so much for others, without expecting anything in return. Nominations for the June Kiepersol Award can be made on our Facebook page, until 20 June 2013.

The 3-Day Kiepersol Package is a special Hoogland gift of Relaxation, Revitalisation and Energizing. It includes beautiful nature walks, use of all the hydro facilities, yoga, aqua aerobics, informative classes, delicious healthy food, full body massage and Iketla hand and foot massage.


January 2013

The January winner of the Kiepersol Award is Anisa Cleo. According to Feb Shaik she is: “A mom of 2 who never takes a break. She also takes care of our mom. She definitely deserves time out for herself.”


February 2013

Heidi Ganswyk from “Pay It Forward”:

“Thanks very much for this. Pay It Forward strives to assist families who are going through a time of difficulty.  Initially it was about food assistance.  Families who were down and out due to death in the family, or retrenchments.  Families who were then left with often, nothing, having begun selling household goods in order to just feed their families. And as it grew, my Fiancé Greg would, when visiting these families to provide food, find that there were often other problems, like abuse in the home, drugs, and more.  This then became part of the focus as well, assisting how and where needed.  Working with Social Workers and the SAPS where needed, to assist in restoring normality where possible, or removal of wives, girlfriends, children, where such help was needed.

Initially also, this was just about Gauteng, but has fast spread and help, where possible, and after an assessment is done, is now provided across South Africa. None of this would be possible without the assistance of the Members of the Group. Thanks again for this amazing prize.”


March 2013

Heleen Stander won our March Kiepersol Award was nominated by Annemarie Redlinghuys: "she is unselfish and always help other people - one amazing woman".

April 2013

Zella Cassell was the winner of the Kiepersol Award for April, with a total of 111 votes. Wyona Valerie Landman said: "Ek nomineer hierdie wonderlike tannie Zella Cassell want sy is die sout van die aarde en verdien 'n groot bederf die mees fantastiese persoon ooit."

Due to the huge feedback for this month, we decided to give the runner up, Jenny Holtzhausen a 2 Day Relaxing Retreat at Hoogland. Her daughter, Suanette Visagie, nominated her.


May 2013

Nicolene Sinevasan nominated our May winner: Annie Cassell. “She the most vibrant individual and amazing woman . She been like a mom to me. She caring and always looking out for the well being of other people. Annie u been an awesome person and thank you for always been there for me . I hope u win.”


June 2013

Our June winner was Karen Bruyere from Tshwane Haven. Almie Goosen wrote the following: "I nominate Karen Bruyere from Tshwane Haven. Not only does she look after abandoned babies and toddlers but the children in her care all have medical problems. And if that in it self is not saintly enough she still have the heart to foster kittens and puppies as well. She may not be Wonder Women but the love and compassion coming from this one Woman leaves me in Wonder."


July 2013

Our July winner was Ursula van den Berg. Celeste Hendriks had the following to say: "It's my priviledge to nominate Ursula van den Berg, house mommy of Forever Angels Place of Safety, one of the TPOSA nurseries. What a giving heart she has, Urs will give her own jacket to someone who is cold. She gives of her own food to the hungry and she always steps back so that someone else can benefit. Please vote fir Ursula, so that she can be spoiled rotten!"