JuliaJulia Koutzayoitis

Life Coach and Yogi

Julia started doing yoga at the age of 14 and it has been an integral part of her life for almost 30 years. She trained for 12 years with the late Pam Delange and for 4 years with Swami Chiba. She has trained in Hatha, Ashanga, Vinyasa flow as well as Iron yoga.

Julia has also completed a number of advanced coaching courses and is proficient in NLP and Hypnotherapy, specifically dealing with addictions of all kinds.

Julia on coaching:

I believe that we hold within us the source of infinite possibilities and that sometimes we need to be reminded of this gift.

I believe that true happiness comes from knowing who we are as authentic beings and by living this we find true fulfilment and live a life of purpose

I believe that through coaching, people are able to identify their true selves and find meaning and fulfilment in life, free of obstacles, limiting or negative beliefs and limiting decision of the past.

I believe that wholeness is the state of being we aspire to.

It is my dream to assist people in achieving this state of knowing and experiencing themselves as whole and life as fully awakened life.