Effective, Natural, Safe Detox Support Retreat for Vitality and Increased Energy

Do you feel you need a detox? Why?

As Prof David A Bender points out in an article of the British Society of Biology’s journal, The Biologist, we already have an excellent system for getting rid of potentially harmful substances — it is called the human body.

All we need to do, is to support the human body naturally and it will do the work it is designed to do. Even if you have put your body and mind through the abuse of modern life, it can bounce back quickly and effectively, unless there are major medical reasons preventing this. 

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This is what makes Hoogland so successful at providing a truly holistic detox programme. We have a comprehensive, caring medical team to ensure that there are no underlying medical factors and a wide range of supportive staff and facilities to provide the ideal environment for improved mental and physical vitality.

Detox is actually a bit of a misnomer. A toxin is a poison, and the only time we have poisons is if we get them in somehow, either through eating it or by being bitten, stung or injected with poison in another way. What we are really referring to are wastes, and sometimes an excess build-up of wastes due to poor circulation, lack of exercise, bad eating habits, constipation, excess stress or other factors. We will keep with the 'layman's term' of 'detox' as it is a term made popular by many spas and publications.

Many detox regimes include a number of therapies which are either untested, or have been proved to have more potential side effects than benefits. Have a look at our article on the reason why not to do "colonic irrigation" and read some of the articles on the "dangers of dietary supplements".

Holistic Health and Wellness Leaders since 1977

Hoogland provides a safe, natural, effective, truly holistic and integrative detox option in a relaxed destination spa setting, and as leaders in the wellness industry since 1977, you need look no further


7 Day Holistic Detox Retreat

Rates valid to 30 September 2020

* U$ rates may vary depending on current exchange rates - calculated here on R 15/U$

Standard: R 21 175 (U$ 1 410pp*)  Member (frequent visitor): R 19 925pp (U$ 1 330*) 

This comprehensive package includes:

complete physical wellbeing assessment Everything from our core package, the Relaxing Retreat

Comprehensive Physical Wellbeing assessment  One Clinical Examination

Comprehensive Physical Wellbeing assessment  One Complete Physical Wellbeing Assessment

 Comprehensive Physical Wellbeing assessmentOne Comprehensive Blood and Urinalysis

Comprehensive Physical Wellbeing assessment  One Metabolic test, One Insulin Blood test and one Thyroid blood test


 Two Consultations with any one of the following:

  • Medical Doctor
  • Psychologist
  • Homoepath
  • Physiotherapist
  • Stress Counsellor
  • Nutritionist
  • Hypnotherapist
  • Biokineticist
  • Traditional Healer
  • Life Coach
  • Personal Trainer

Massage Eight Full Body Massages

As a truly client-centred holistic health destination Hoogland prides itself in treating all guests as unique, individual human beings. Treatments included in the various packages serve as guidelines only, and may be exchanged for other treatments or therapies on offer with the difference in price being added or credited on the final invoice. The Health & Wellbeing Co-ordinators work with guests on a daily basis to ensure the best possible experience.

Our daily programme of group activities allows for enough flexible time in-between, and it is up to each guest to decide whether they feel like attending any activity or rather do something else.

Follow this link to read more about a typical day.

Some preparation may be beneficial before arrival. The doctor may request certain medical reports and test to ensure that underlying physiological factors can be addressed adequately, and if Hypnosis is going to form part of your course, additional preparation before arrival will have a significant impact.

Our Team

To meet our Health & Wellbeing Team, click here

Health and Wellbeing Co-ordinator

Health & Wellbeing Co-ordinator

Our knowledgeable, caring team of Health and Wellbeing Co-ordinators are available daily from 7am to 4pm to gently guide guests through the programme and to help make changes to the package where necessary to help meet personal goals. Chatting to the co-ordinator is relaxed and informal, with no limit placed on guests on the number of visits per day.

The Wellbeing Co-ordinator is available for daily measurements of blood pressure, pulse, weight, blood-oxygen levels, blood sugar (when needed)

The Wellbeing Co-ordinator will schedule appointments for guests with our various experts as requisted or required. 

Holistic Medical Doctor

Holistic Medical Doctor

Our medical doctors are can assist in providing clear guidelines and working out a program to suit your individual needs. Each guest is thoroughly assessed, and medical investigations are as comprehensive as possible.

This will include going through existing reports and spending additional time finding the best solutions to the causes of weight management problems, rather than treating weight as a separate issue.

Read more about our Health and Wellbeing Practitioners here



On-Site Laboratory

With the benefit of our on-site laboratory, results of a variety of blood and urine tests are available very quickly. This allows the medical team to address underlying health problems speedily, or re-assure guests when all is in order.

Hoogland does not test thyroid function on site, as the metabolic test will indicate if there is any metabolic abnormalities. Should there be a need to test thyroid functions, an off-site laboratory will provide results within 2 days.


To meet our Health & Wellbeing Team, click here

Nutrition and Meals

Nutrition and Metabolic


Our in-house Nutritionists have many years experience in providing guests with tailor-made, healthy eating plans and advise.

Consultations with the Nutritionists assist guests in understanding each individual's unique nutritional needs. They assist in guiding guests towards better eating plans using their personal likes, dislikes and circumstances as the foundation to ensure long term success.

Metabolic Tests

Your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is an estimate of how many calories you'd burn if you were to do nothing but rest for 24 hours. It represents the minimum amount of energy needed to keep your body functioning, including breathing and keeping your heart beating

Many people who choose to do a detox undertake it because they are felling a little 'flat' This metabolic test will quickly and reliably indicate if there may be any underlying metabolic problems..

Cooking and Nutrition DemonstrationCooking Demonstrations

Hoogland's practical food demonstration share our wonderful, tasty, healthy and simple recipes, which you will enjoy at home, sharing with family and friends. 

Hoogland's recipes are based on seasonal, fresh and readily available ingredients. Our cooking is sugar-free and low in salt but high in taste.

Guests often request recipes on departure for day to day success and enjoyment at home.


Fasting for WellnessWater-Fasting

A period of at least 3 days of water-fasting at the start of the progamme can be hugely beneficial. Water-fasting is not compulsary and the Health & Wellbeing consultant discusses this option with each individual guest before a supervised fast commences. 





Exercise and Physical Therapy

Physiotherapist - Biokineticist

Physiotherapist and Biokeneticist

Carrying some excess weight leads to posture problems, joint pain and reduced mobility. Guests are encouraged to work with a physiotherapist or biokeneticist to address these problems early in the programme and keep up exercises to maximise the benefits of all Hoogland has to offer.




Exercises Aqua Aerobics

Exercise Classes and Personal Trainers

Physical Activity and Exercise Classes form an essential part of any weight management programme. Most people have a Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) of between 1 000 Cal/day and 2300 Cal/day. A kilogram of human adipose tissue can provide 7 700 Calories. This means if you eat absolutely nothing, but remain passive, it will take between 3 - 7 days to lose 1 kg of fat.

Adding some physical activity to the mix changes things dramatically. Combining our morning and afternoon walks can add as much as 1 250 Cal to the energy used by a 100 kg guest, the yoga class about 250, the Aqua Aerobics about 450 Cal. This does not take into account the inefficiency of exercise, and a lot more energy is lost through heat. Walking around the sprawling Hoogland building, climbing some stairs, attending dance classes or other workshops, doing the hydro cycle etc all add up to total energy usage and a full day spent being physically active can easily add 4 000 Cal to the daily energy use of a 100kg guest. This will be slightly less for a lighter person, and slightly more for a heavier person but means that it becomes possible to lose 1kg of actual body fat per day, and some guests have acheived more.

Additional benefits of exercise and physical activity include:

      • Improved circulation
      • General improvement of Wellbeing
      • Improved Memory
      • Improved Mood
      • Improved Tone
      • Improved Cardio Vascular Fitness
      • Improved Blood Sugar Balance
      • Improved Bone Density
      • Reduced LDL Cholestrol
      • Increased Lymph Drainage

 Read more about Exercise at Hoogland Here

Motivational and Emotional Support

Mindful Eating and MeditationPsychologist

Mindful Eating Training is a very effective long-term solution to maintaining a healthy weight while enjoying your food more.

Mindful eating involves paying full attention to the experience of eating and drinking, both inside and outside the body. We pay attention to the colors, smells, textures, flavors, temperatures, and even the sounds of our food. We pay attention to the experience of the body. Where in the body do we feel hunger? Where do we feel satisfaction? What does half-full feel like, or three quarters full?



Pshychotherapy For Wellness and Weight Loss


Picking up some weight in a world where food is abundant and the lifestyle increasingly passive, is quite normal. Very large gains and losses can have underlying medical or more often, emotional causes. Emotional weaknesses such as poor self image makes the effort to maintain appropriate body weight very challenging.

Our therapists have extensive experience in this field, they are practical, down to earth and very realistic and are able to teach a number of tools effectively for long term success.



Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Life coaches aren’t counselors or therapists; they are not qualified to diagnose or treat mental health matters. They also aren’t necessarily experts–in fact, they don't claim to be. But they do aim to train clients to reach goals instead of dreaming about them, and those objectives can include weight loss.

The trend of including life coaches in weight managment is increasing world-wide as it improves the lives of many. 





Hypnosis is an excellent proven tool in weight management. With exeperienced hyphotherapists in a professional setting this treatment has many benefits with no real risk or side effects. 





Supportive Therapies

Hydro Therapy CycleHydro-Therapy-Cycle

The cyclical therapeutic use of Exercise - Massage -  Heat Treatment - Cold Therapy - Rest is an affective way of improving circulation, keeping activity levels up and getting rid of many of the fat-soluble toxins that are released as guests lose weight.

Guests have unlimited access to all hydro facilities from 7am to 7pm daily, including saunas, steam rooms, steam cabinets, sitzbaths, jet pools, exercise pools, cold pools and jacuzzis. 

For more about the hydro cycle, read here...



Therapeutic Massage Treatments

Therapeutic Massage Therapies have many important supportive properties, and guests are encouraged to work a few into their stay.

Benefits of massage include:

            • Relaxation and Stress Reduction
            • Improved Circulation
            • Lowered Blood Pressure
            • Improved Immunity


Labyrinths for Weight Management


Labyrinths are ancient symbols for healing and a path to renewal. Guests walk it as part of a Weight Management Package for light activity and meditation.

Read more about our various labyrinths here