Type II Diabetes Treatment Programme

3  Week or longer resident programme

The great news is that Type II Diabetes is not inevitably progressive and life long. The correct natural lifestyle medical intervention, can send type 2 diabetes into permanent remission in most cases for people who have had the condition for 4 years or less. It can also significantly improvement in the the quality of life for anyone with type II Diabetes.

Pre-Diabetes Treatment Programme

10-day resident programme

Pre-diabetes is often undiagnosed, which is a pity as at this stage progression to type II diabetes is still almost entirely preventable through lifestyle medicine. If you think you may have pre-diabetes, a relatively inexpensive test, called Fructosamine, can be done at your local lab to give a clear indication of average blood sugar levels for the preceding 2-3 weeks. This is a reliable indicator of pre-diabetes or type II diabetes and swift action can safeguard your quality of life and help improve life expectancy.