As the world is starting the adjustment to a new normal, it is now clearer than ever before that lifestyle diseases not only interferes with our overall quality and quantity of life, it also makes us less likely to fight off pathogens.

It can be argued that if the world had less lifestyle disease, the current pandemic would not have triggered global economic crisis.

Now, more than ever, it should be our responsibility to invest in preventing and treating lifestyle diseases in you, your family and your community.

Do you understand flattening the curve?

I have heard many people talking and seen much written of the importance of ‘flattening the curve’ while by far the largest number of people I chat to do not seem to understand what it actually means.

It does not mean that we prevent everyone from contracting COVID-19

Estimates are that between 60 and 80% of the world population will become infected with or vaccinated against this novel CORONA virus before we have high enough herd immunity to stop its spread.

Flattening the curve does not mean that people will not get infected,

Flattening the curve does not mean that the number of serious cases will be less.

Flattening the curve only means that we keep infection rates low enough that we have sufficient health facilities to deal with those who have become seriously ill. This is so that the death rate is not made worse by medical facilities being unavailable.

Just remember the vast majority of cases are not serious, and many, many people do not show any symptoms at all.

For you and your loved ones health, by far the best thing you can do now, is to work on all the risk factors that could lead you to get a bad case sometime in the future: Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease and cancer are the big ones, but all your lifestyle diseases puts you at risk.

Looking after your immune system should be your priority right now.

Please have a look at for some tips and perspective.

It shouldn’t really take a pandemic before people look after their health properly, but sadly it is often a life-threatening situation that drives us to make the lifestyle changes that give us a better, fuller, happier and more productive life.

Invest in yourself and your loved one’s health in little ways every day. It is worth it.

The greatest wealth is health.