Expressive Art Workshop 23 – 25 February 2018

R 4 500pp all inclusive rate - Up to 15 CPD points

Stay an extra night for only R 1500

Who will benefit from attending these workshops:

• If you are a psychologist, you will find new ways to increase awareness, empowerment and change in your clients – while
earning CPD points.
• If you are an occupational therapist, you will find creative tools and learn how to use them with confidence – and earn
CPD points.
• If you are a life coach, these tools give you access to unlimited creative resources and the ability to find unique solutions
for your clients.
• If you are a teacher, you will learn how to foster your learners’ creativity, and find inspiration and tools to help you in your
important job.
• If you are a frustrated or closet artist, you will come to understand creative blocks and learn how to awaken your creativity.
• If you are feeling stuck or have a midlife crisis, we can show you new possibilities and inspire you.
• If you are a spiritual seeker, expressive arts therapy can show you how to connect creatively with the Divine and the
Source of all Creativity.

5-day New Year Kick-Start

Only R 12 950pp for 5 nights* or R 12 250pp for our Regular Visitors**

No investment is as valuable as choosing to invest in yourself. Your health and wellbeing is central to being able to look after your loved ones, your business, your community: to being a productive contributor in society, to have purpose.

 "Year's end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us". Hal Borland

Hoogland has been around for over 40 years to guide guests into improved wellbeing. We are so much more than a health business. Our ethos is based on expressing our own purpose of providing guests with the tools, knowledge and support they need to thrive.


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Hoogland has been a leader in wellbeing for 40 years. We are proud of all the lives we have touched, and grateful to all who have touched our lives. Proud of all the guests who have left us ready to face life's challenges once again, relaxed, revitalized and energized.

There aren't many family business's who make it into 3rd generation management, with the 4th generation already getting involved.

Hoogland will continue to be passionate and dedicated to health, wellbeing and conservation for many generations to come.