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Vitamin D

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One of the biggest new businesses in the "Supplement" industry is Vitamin D. Many studies have found an association between low vitamin D and various diseases. Thus people have been convinced to part with their money to buy vitamin D.

Incidentally, they are also convinced to part with their money to reduce the levels of the source of vitamin D in the blood: Conveniently, the "health" industry neglect to tell its customers/victims that the body makes vitamin D from Cholesterol.

Actually, these two molecules - Vitamin D and Cholesterol - are practically identical. The former is called a Stereo-Isomer of the latter. Nice sounding scientific term meaning it is the same chemical just shaped slightly differently.

Anyway, a new study


quoting from


found that the low vitamin D is the RESULT, NOT THE CAUSE of the condition and that "supplementing" serves absolutely no benefit:

In addition, researchers found no effect on disease occurrence as a result of supplementation, by evaluating 172 randomized clinical trials, including 34 intervention studies involving vitamin-D supplementation of patients with low 25(OH)D concentrations.

Well.. "no benefit"... there has to be some benefit... to the bank accounts of the "manufacturers" and distributors.


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