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Meat and Diabetes

3 years 8 months ago #84 by The Fast Doctor
The Fast Doctor created the topic: Meat and Diabetes
A large study of different eating habits in certain European populations has now confirmed that meat eating is directly associated with the development of Type 2 Diabetes:


CONCLUSIONS High total and animal protein intake was associated with a modest elevated risk of type 2 diabetes in a large cohort of European adults. In view of the rapidly increasing prevalence of type 2 diabetes, limiting iso-energetic diets high in dietary proteins, particularly from animal sources, should be considered.

Of course there are other factors also but with the dramatic "explosion" of Diabetes in the modern world, we should "pull all plugs" to contain this epidemic. Avoiding food that has already been eaten (Animals) would go a long way to help reduce this, and many other, diseases. I intend remaining vegetarian, at least for now...


Please note that all my posts are "generic", often theoretically speculating about the topic. It should NOT be considered individual medical advice, which remains the prerogative of your own registered medical practitioner after proper consultation, examination and investigations as necessary....

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