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Post Traumatic Stress

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Post Traumatic Stress

It’s not new to the world. But we are becoming more aware of it. The Post Traumatic Stress reaction. Psychologists have been studying it for a long, long time and have come up with some really good support and treatment methods.

In the days when our survival depended on finding food and shelter, stress related to finances, relationships and such issues were likely not experienced as acutely as they are today. It is part of human nature (as described by Maslow) that, one a more basic need is fulfilled, a less basic need comes more into focus. We actually have the luxury of being in a position to spend energy on fulfilling needs other than finding food, water and physical safety.

“Solving” basic needs like these is relatively easy. The solution is tangible, material and easy to understand. When, however, trauma of the mind occurs, there is no “one model fits all” any more. We are too different.


Patients with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and comorbidities of major depressive disorder (MDD) or childhood sexual abuse (CSA) are particularly sensitive to not getting their treatment of choice, new research shows.

Thus our choice becomes important. There’s little to choose about what we need to survive physically: Air, water, shelter, food.. but when our personal preferences gets involved, there’s just no “one size fits all” any more.

This is but one of the reasons we at Hoogland have always endeavoured to be as adaptive as possible to individual needs. People cannot be fitted into a mold, be “categorized” and “labelled” and then get one standard treatment. Biofeedback and the individual’s preferences are paramount.


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