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The Fast Doctor created the topic: Lipstick
Personally I have never seen a girl look better with "make-up" than without... perhaps because of being so "nature cure" oriented. Now I wonder how many girls know that red lips are supposed to attract males because lips get red and swollen during... no, let's skip that subject..

Anyway, Berkeley university in the USA has just posted a newsletter containing the following rather alarming information:


What's in Your Lipstick?
Many lipsticks contain trace amounts of lead, as revealed in testing several years ago by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a consumer watchdog group. Subsequent analyses by the FDA detected lead in all lipsticks sampled (over 400 products in total),

Lead is a poison. Inter alia it can contribute to dementia. I won't put on, nor recommend, lipstick to anyone.


Please note that all my posts are "generic", often theoretically speculating about the topic. It should NOT be considered individual medical advice, which remains the prerogative of your own registered medical practitioner after proper consultation, examination and investigations as necessary....
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