Holistic Trauma Counsellor and Practical Stress Management Therapist

B.Psych (Counselling) M.Sc (Psychology)

Dalene is a registered Trauma counsellor with the HPCSa (PR 0281638). She holds a Masters in Trauma Psychology, is an internationally registered TIR (Trauma Incident Reduction) Therapist with AMI and trained in complementary therapies such as Scio Biofeedback therapy and Kinesiology.


She has over 20 years’ experience in working with clients in a variety of stressful and traumatic circumstances. Her approach is holistic and lifestyle orientated.


Dalene's practical approach to stress and trauma therapy includes: 

* General Counselling
* Trauma Counselling
* Trauma Incident Reduction Therapy (TIR)
* Life Stress Reduction Therapy (LSR)
* Hypnotherapy
* Relaxation Training
* Quit Smoking
* Weight Management
* Scio Biofeedback Therapy
* Kinesiology


SCIO Biofeedback for Stress Management  

Scio Biofeedback Therapy

Scientific Consciousness Interface Organizer

Scio is an Electrophysiological Biofeedback System that coordinates a complex electro-modal, biofeedback program with computer software in order to gather bioenergetics information.

Information is gathered from the body through electrodes in a pad touching the body, providing a picture of the client’s general status. This information is selected and listed by the SCIO in order of the highest reaction and the stressors are analysed and balanced in the course of a stress management session.

The SCIO is designed to correct the manifestation of stress and imbalance patterns within the individual at the physiological level. The device works on the theory that stress disrupts the inherent electromagnetic frequencies at which the body’s cells resonate and that by returning these

frequencies to their natural state, the stress and any subsequent illness that may occur because of the disruption may be reduced.

An increase in energy, health, clarity, a decrease in pain and stress reduction is often evident after a single session.

Trauma Release Exercises  

Stress / Trauma Release Exercises (TRE)

A powerful body-mind connection approach.

Life is stressful and often traumatic. Stress and trauma is stored deep within the psyche and the body. By using a set of 8 easy exercises, deep seated trauma and stress that is so stored is released.

The exercises once learned can be done by an individual also as a means to release tensions daily. These exercises can have a calming and energizing effect.

The exercises can be part of an exercise routine and can help relieve stress created in the muscles as a result of a workout.

Kinesiology for stress management  


Kinesiology is a hands-on therapy that is non-invasive and gentle. Using muscle testing it determines imbalances in the body system. It incorporates techniques from many different modalities, such as acupressure, energy medicine, NLP, physical therapy, nutrition and massage therapy.

Kinesiology identifies and corrects imbalances in the emotional, chemical and structural systems of the individual. Any individual with emotional or physical stress, emotional imbalances, nutritional imbalances, injuries and pain may benefit from Kinesiology.

Mandala for stress relief  

Expressive Mandalas

A mandala is a special form of drawing using a circle as a framework. Psychologist Carl Jung noticed that these circular drawings, also called magic circles, correspond to the individual’s inner feelings, thoughts and situations.

Mandalas are both therapeutic to draw and then to look at and discover meaning.

The drawing of mandala is started by the drawing of a circle which suggests a centre and can have a centering, calming effect.

The drawing is completed by drawing inside the circle, using colours and shapes onto which the drawer places their personal interpretations and meaning.

Expressive mandalas are usually not planned, but ‘allowed’ to flow out spontaneously.

In situations of stress and fear for example the visualization of a personal healing mandala can have very protective effects even helping to build up new patterns of feeling and coping.

 Facilitated Self Healing  

Facilitated Self Healing

Dis-ease is seen as an overspill of unresolved emotional trauma/stress into the physical body, manifesting as clinical symptoms such as chronic disease, backache, nausea, anxiety, depression etc.


Healing is facilitated by taking the client on a guided process, linking symptoms to original inciting stressors.


During this process the client sits comfortably with closed eyes, fully aware and participating in the process